The last time I thought, having my own personal website would be a great idea, was about 15 years ago. At this time it was basically a gallery because photography was my most important and nearly my only hobby.

Today I wish it would still be like it was back then. Something must have happened (to me) in the past, what made me become like this. I’m curious – I mean I’m really damn curious about almost any cool diy, maker, tinkerer, project, whatever stuff. I’v built a cnc mill, several 3d printer and a lot of drones. I made a Raspberry Pi to capture 50MPx panoramas and wrote a software to create lineart from photos. I learned sewing and soldering, had a lot of fun with origami and created a very unique pen plotter.

Therefore it’s pretty hard to say what this website will be about. I’ll just start and will see what happens. #thumbscrossed